Benefits of Walk/Talk Therapy

           feel calmer                   gain clarity                 feel happier

become empowered                improve problem solving capability

        experience improved sleep                 feel less isolated

improve your outlook                  feel a greater sense of well being

            feel connected to nature         Improved Mental Focus


mind-body connection:

Walk/Talk therapy gets a client moving both literally and figuratively; as walking stimulates both sides of your brain and promotes and maintains mental health.  Walking and other forms of exercise increase endorphins; which can create positive feelings in your body. 

positive effects:

Walking/exercise has been shown to decrease depression, ward off feelings of anxiety,  boost self-esteem, improve sleep, increase energy, lower blood pressure, strengthen your heart muscles and bones. 

walking benefits:

Walking is the simplest positive change anyone can integrate into their lifestyle.  Walking can help you feel "unstuck" as it encourages creative and deeper ways of thinking, often released by mood-enhancing physical exercise.  Walking can also help increase access to memories and help you integrate new knowledge.