Are you a social work intern? Do you need a qualified supervisor? Let me help you get licensed!



As a social work intern in the State of Florida; you are required to complete 1500 client contact hours under the supervision of a qualified supervisor in no less than 100 weeks.  You must have at least 1 hour of supervision every 2 weeks. 

Registered interns MUST complete the licensure process within 5 years of registering. 

I am a qualified supervisor in the State of Florida and I provide individual and group supervision (when available).  I also provide exam prep groups for help studying for the licensing exam and can happily say that all my interns have passed the exam on their first try!  

Receiving supervision allows you to grow professionally and I believe that each intern has their own unique learning style and strengths so I use an eclectic approach to my supervision to make it as personalized as possible.


I understand the pain of sticker shock and how expensive supervision can be.  I also know how important getting licensed is for your career development.   For these reasons; I try to keep my rates reasonable. I charge $50 per individual supervision hour and offer a 20% discount for group supervision (when available).

time & location

I offer flexible days, times and locations.  I am available to meet at my office at 50 Leanni Way C4 Palm Coast, FL 32137 or we can discuss the possibility of meeting somewhere more convenient for you.  (Travel fees might be applicable depending on distance).

Thank you for your interest and I wish you the best on your journey towards licensure!

Come study with us! Drop in study group on the first saturday of Each month starting on october 5th! 9am-11am!

Contact me at 386-627-8156

Please feel free to either call or email me to find out more about getting supervision.

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