Mission Statement

To help guide an educational and therapeutic experience that uses both traditional and non-traditional therapeutic techniques in order to help clients acquire life enhancing skills and awareness.


Guiding principles


Self determination

Offering clients the opportunity to explore, challenge and make their own decisions about their futures from a place of mutual respect and understanding.


We are committed to providing our clients with high quality counseling services that are individualized for each client based on their unique situation and needs.


Recognizing and embracing that each client has their own uniqueness based on their personal life experiences and cultural differences.



Providing all clients with compassion and sensitivity in all services.



Encouraging all clients to discover their own courage, resilience, creativity, resourcefulness, and intelligence in order to amplify their own inherent strengths.



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We strive to identify with our clients situations and maintain a sense of their feelings/emotions and how they relate to their needs.  We believe empathy enhances trust between the client-therapist and this increases the quality of the services provided to our clients.


Enhancing professional knowledge and skills through continuous inquiry, learning, teaching and research.

Connections (groups/retreats) 

Bringing clients together to share, learn, and support each other.  Helping to build and nurture relationships that promote an on going sense of belonging and well-being.